Your resource for beautiful waterwise landscapes.


Your resource for beautiful waterwise landscapes


Your resource for beautiful waterwise landscapes


Your resource for beautiful waterwise landscapes

Waterwise Tips

Get started saving water today with these simple waterwise tips.


The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority offers generous rebates and incentives to help make your landscapes more water efficient, and save money on your water bill.


There is an amazing diversity of beautiful waterwise plants that we can use in our landscapes. Browse some of our favorite!

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Time to Winterize


November is the time to prepare your landscape for winter. By following the simple recommendations outlined below, you can get your yard ready to endure the coming winter months so it can flourish next spring.

Summer Blooming Lavender


The genus Lavandula is a favorite group of ornamental herbs native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. These are sun-loving plants that thrive in hot weather and grow well in the West in a wide range of soils, even compost-enriched garden loams, as long as they are well drained. Heavy, poorly drained clay soils can be fatal to lavenders.

Flower Fitness


Many flowers will bloom longer or bloom again after a short rest if the spent flower stems are removed once the blossoms fade.

Wildflowers such as Penstemon may be longer-lived if the spent flower stems are removed before the plants put energy into producing seeds.

Planting trees in fall


Five reasons why fall is the time to plant trees: 

  1. Tree roots are active in the winter time. Since trees are not producing leaves, that energy is directed to the roots. Tree roots continue to be active even as temperatures go into the mid 30s. This winter root development prepares the tree for spring, allowing it to become anchored. That helps the tree overcome our drying spring winds.
  2. Fall offers the best choice for getting the tree species you want. This is when local tree nurseries dig up their trees from the fields and get them ready for sale.

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