Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes

COVID-19 UPDATE: As you know, the Water Authority and other public agencies and private enterprises are now taking extraordinary steps to protect public health in light of the ongoing COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. In an effort to maximize social distancing, some of our staff has been asked to work remotely and xeriscape inspections are suspended until further notice.  Additionally, rebates adjustment may take longer than normal during this time. If you have questions please leave a message by calling 842-9287 option 4 and we will do our best to respond within 72 hours. 


Low-maintenance landscapes are great, but there’s no such thing as a “no-maintenance” irrigation system. A single broken sprinkler head flowing at 15 gallons per minute will waste 900 gallons in one hour of use. So service your system regularly, and check it often for leaks and malfunctions.


Adjust your irrigation time by season! For turf, water by the Numbers: One day per week in March, two days per week in April and May, three days per week in summer, and ramp down in the fall. For other landscapes, follow the watering recommendations.


Choose desert-friendly plants that thrive in our dry climate. There are literally hundreds of plant options to choose from, and rebates are available for replacing turf with a desert-friendly landscape.

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April 2020 Watering Recommendations

Spring is here, time to turn on your irrigation system. Use a pressure gauge to verify that sprinkler heads are operating recommended pressures, and check and clean all system filters.

Free Educational Phone Consultations available!

Water Authority is offering free educational phone consultations to customers. 

Plant Selection of the Month

Got a dry patch of ground in the blazing sun? Then you’ll want to check out this stunner flowering plant.

Time-of-Day Watering Restrictions Begin April 1

No Sprinklers or Spray Irrigation Between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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