Trees, while they do require water to survive, actually aid conservation by providing shade and reducing water loss to evaporation, not to mention the many other environmental benefits they bring to our community.

commercial Treebates

Trees keep our city clean, beautiful, and healthy!

In order to help increase the Tree Canopy in our urban area the Water Authority offers the Treebate to offset part of the cost of planting a new low or medium water usage tree. The Treebate can also be used to help cover the costs of tree maintenance. As our communities grow we see the increase in streets, roof tops, and parking lots, etc. All these hard, paved surfaces cause “the heat island effect” warming our cities by as much as 10 degrees. Trees are a great natural tool to help mitigate the heat island effect, and keep our cities clean, beautiful and healthy!

Benefits of Trees


Trees provide necessary shade that aid in cooling our neighborhoods thus reducing the need for air conditioning. Trees and other vegetation also reduce reflected and absorbed heat from concrete, glass, brick asphalt and rock helping to keep our cities cool.

Benefits of Trees

Water & Evap-Transpiration

A fully grown tree may release several hundred gallons of water through its leaves on a hot, dry summer day. About 90% of the water that enters a plant’s roots is used for this process. When the tree gives off vapor through evapotranspiration through their leaves and the vapor cools, it falls to earth as rain, snow, or sleet.

Benefits of Trees

Water Savings

Trees significantly reduce and clean stormwater run-off by holding rainfall on the leaves, branches and bark, and by absorbing surface runoff, making the threats of flooding less likely. Trees also save water when there are trees shading the lawns and other plants that we water.

Container Trees

Get 25% rebate off the purchase and installation of eligible trees. Up to $500 per year for commercial customers.


Buy a new tree and receive 25% back off the purchase of your new tree. To help its customers narrow down their purchasing decisions, the Water Authority has assembled a list of 20 trees  that are proven to thrive in our area, are commonly available for purchase, fit a variety of situations, and provide numerous environmental benefits. Over 160 trees qualify, you can find a complete list of trees here.


Professional Tree Care

Get 25% rebate off professional tree care which includes pruning, pest management, fertilizing and other services. Tree and stump removals are not included. Up to $500 per year for commercial customers.

Professional Tree Care

Professional tree care helps keep your trees looking their best year round and keep the tree healthy for long term growth and success.


Smart Controller

Get 25% rebate off new irrigation systems for your existing or newly planted trees. Up to $500 per year for commercial customers.

Irrigation to Trees

In New Mexico all new and existing trees must be irrigated. There are many methods to deliver water to landscape trees, including: hand watering, soaker hoses, bubblers, sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. The most important consideration is to use a system which delivers water to as much of a tree’s root system as possible.

While the size and depth of root systems vary, the roots of established trees typically are less than 3 feet deep and extend to twice the distance from the trunk to the edge of their canopy. It is important to water trees monthly to a depth of at least 24” for established trees and 12” for new trees. During the hot summer months it is recommended that trees be watered at least 1x a week.

Smart Controller

Get 25% off the purchase of compost for use in planting your new trees or around your existing trees. Up to $500 per year for commercial customers.


The addition of compost to new and existing trees helps provide nutrients to the soil around your tree thus keeping the tree healthy.
Mulch Rebate

Get 25% off the purchase of mulch for use in and around your newly planted or existing trees. Up to $500 per year for commercial customers.

Bulk Organic Mulch

Not only is organic mulch aesthetically appealing, mulch helps to protect your trees and landscape by keeping moisture where it belongs in the root zone. Mulch promotes increased moisture retention in the soil, and encourages healthy root establishment, while reducing weeds.



The Water Authority is pleased to provide an online application for rebates.

Once you have registered and submitted your online application, you will be able to conveniently track your rebate.

You will need the property address and Water Authority account number as printed on the bill.


Rebate Requirements

Please Note: “Tree-Bates” are not available for the removal of trees. Customers are required to submit proof of purchase or service with rebate. If the rebate is incomplete or missing proof of purchase or service, it delays processing and all documentation is returned to the customer.


1. Applicants are required to be a Water Authority customer.

2. The rebate is credited within one to two billing cycles after the application is processed.

3. Rebate application and receipt must be completed within ninety (90) days of the purchase or service date to be honored. 

4. Customers are required to submit proof of purchase with the rebate form. If documentation proving purchase is not received or the rebate form is incomplete, it delays processing and all documentation is returned to the customer.

5. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase, installation arrangements, and payments.

6. If selected for an audit, the customer agrees to allow qualified Water Authority personnel access to the premises to verify installation.

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