Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the capture, diversion, and storage of rainwater for landscape irrigation and other uses. Rainwater harvesting is a great way to conserve water and keep your landscape healthy.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting Rebates

Rainwater Harvesting

$25 for 50 - 149 gallons

$50 for 150 – 299 gallons

$75 for 300 – 499 gallons

$100 for 500 – 999 gallons

$125 for 1000 – 1499 gallons

$125 for 1000 – 1499 gallons

$150 for 1500 gallons and over

Rainwater Harvesting Rebates

There are two general categories of collecting rainwater: Active rainwater harvesting and passive rainwater harvesting. Passive rainwater harvesting involves the contouring of land to capture and direct rainwater from impervious surfaces such as rooftops or driveways towards planted areas. Active rainwater harvesting involves collecting rainwater usually from rooftops, into storage containers such as above ground cisterns. Water that is stored in cisterns can then be distributed directly to individual plants through a drip irrigation system which allows for more flexibility and increased options for the landscape design and plants used. There is no limit on the amount of rain barrel rebates.

Rainwater Harvesting rebates for rain barrels and cisterns are based upon the amount of rain that can be stored.


Need More Information?

Check out our rainwater harvesting guide. It offers a look at a variety of local installation projects. This guide discusses the opportunities and challenges of rain water harvesting that should be considered before installing an active rainwater harvesting system yourself or hiring a qualified contractor.



The Water Authority is pleased to provide an online application for rebates.

Once you have registered and submitted your online application, you will be able to conveniently track your rebate.

You will need the property address and Water Authority account number as printed on the bill.

Rebate Requirements

Please review the following requirements:

1. Applicants are required to be a Water Authority customer

2. Rebate credits remain at the address where the water conservation work took place.

 3. The rebate is returned to the Water Authority within ninety (90) days of the purchase or service date to be honored.

4. The rebate credits the Water Authority account at the installation address.

5. The rebate is credited within one to two billing cycles after it is processed. Customers are required to submit proof of purchase or service with the rebate.

6. The rain barrel’s minimum size is 50 gallons

7. Rain barrel is required to be designed for the intended purpose of rain capture.

8. Barrels should have a cover to prevent mosquitos, rodents, and debris from entering.

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