Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) Program

HOA’s play a big role in keeping communities’ landscapes healthy and thriving. These landscapes serve as people’s places for recreation, walkways, and a connection to nature. On a day to day, hundreds of acres of Albuquerque landscapes are irrigated to provide these benefits. We estimate that up to 1 billion gallons are used per year to irrigate HOA’s landscapes.

To help improve HOA’s landscapes the Water Authority Conservation program offers free evaluations of irrigation systems. The evaluation includes recommendations that will translate to water use reductions, a healthier landscape, and monetary savings for your HOA.

The first step is to schedule your outdoor Irrigation Inspection. When scheduling this free service, a conservation expert will perform a detailed analysis of your existing irrigation system and provide a full report detailing findings and recommendations to improve efficiency. This information can be used to make decisions about landscape updates and billing savings with your neighbors.

After carefully evaluating the irrigation system needs and conservation goals, we draft up a phased plan for your community. We do this by working with your landscaping committee and landscape professionals.

We can only do 10 HOA’s this year so hurry and schedule your free evaluation! This no-cost service is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Step 1: Call 505-452-7404 or email vserrano@abcwua.org to schedule your free HOA irrigation system evaluation. Once scheduled, invite your landscape committee and landscape professional to the irrigation consultation.

Step 2: Conduct irrigation system evaluation. On the scheduled date, a Conservation expert will access the irrigation system for operating efficiency, identify ways to enhance landscape health, detect irrigation items that need repair or replacement with newer technology, and recommend seasonal irrigation schedules.

Step 3: Implement the changes. After the evaluation, the Conservation expert will follow up with a cost-saving analysis report detailing audit findings and recommendations. As part of this service, we will work with your landscape committee and professional landscape company to put together a Water Smart Customized Performance Rebate project to help your community conserve water and funds.

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