Water Smart Customized Performance Rebate

The Water Smart Customized Performance Rebate is available to improve water use indoor and outdoor efficiency on commercial, multifamily, industrial and institutional properties.

Customized Performance Rebate


Customized Performance Rebate to improve water use efficiency for commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

  • Project must result in a minimum annual savings of 100,00 gallons.
  • Rebate is $10 per unit of water (748 gallons) saved in 12 months.
  • Rebate covers 50% project cost or up to $50,000, whichever is lower.

The Water Smart CPR support water conservation initiatives such as installing water efficient devices and technologies that result in at least 100,000 gallons saved annually. Approved projects will be evaluated for an incentive of up to a $10 per unit of water saved annually. Commercial customers could qualify for up to 50% of the cost of the project totaling up to $50,000 per year. Savings will be calculated after the first year of project completion and if savings meet threshold requirements, a one-time credit will be adjusted to the customer account.

CPR rebate

The Water Smart CPR incentivizes customized water efficiency projects including but not limited to:

• Custom design of on-site water reuse projects
• Replacement of less water efficient equipment with new high efficiency equipment
• Improving cooling tower water usage operations
• Comprehensive changes to industrial processes that reduce water consumption per unit of output
• Improvement to existing irrigation systems

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STEP 1: Call Conservation Program Manager
We will set you up with a CPR Concierge to evaluate existing water use and review water savings potential.

STEP 2: Develop a CUSTOMIZED application
Your CPR concierge will help you develop your project, calculate water savings figures, and ensure a successful application. The application will include a project narrative, existing conditions photos, estimated project cost, and estimated water savings over a period of 12 months.

STEP 3: Implement project
After your application is approved, you have 6 months to implement your project. Funding will be reserved based on the estimated savings amount. Upon completion of the project, submit original receipts, project completion date, and call for a post-installation inspection within thirty (30) days of completion.

STEP 4: Calculate project PERFORMANCE
The final rebate will be based on water savings calculated at final review one year (12 monthly billing cycles) after the project completion date. Upon verification of savings, a credit will be adjusted to your account(s) within two billing cycles.

STEP 5: Receive REBATE and “Water Smart” brand
A credit will be adjusted to your account(s) within two billing cycles. You will receive branding as a Water Authority certified “Water Smart” establishment.


Water Conservation Program Manager

Carlos Bustos
Applications must be pre-qualified

Rebate Requirements

1. Water Smart CPR is a performance-based rebate that offsets installation costs of water efficient features and/or technologies that are expected to save a minimum of 100,000 gallons annually.

2. The rebate is calculated at $10 per unit (748 gallons) of water saved, not to exceed $50,000 or 50% of the project cost.

3. Eligible project costs include installation (labor) and materials, including hardware or software, and are limited to water efficiency upgrades.

4. A pre-project installation inspection to verify existing conditions, water usage and water savings opportunities is required before the application is submitted.

5. The estimated cost of the project and estimated water savings to be achieved over 12 months is required for the application to be complete.

6. The Water Authority will assign a CPR concierge to guide the customer through the process and assist with generating water savings estimates. Estimates shall be approved by the Conservation Program Manager.

7. Incomplete applications will not be processed and may be denied. Only projects pre-qualified by the Water Conservation Program Manager or designate shall be considered for a rebate.

8. Customers must complete the project within six months after the application is approved. Customers have thirty days before the six-month expiration date to apply for a project extension if needed.

9. Upon completion of the project, the customer must submit original dated receipts for labor and materials associated with water efficiency upgrades. Project cost estimates may be revised based on receipts.

10. Customers must call for a final post-installation inspection appointment within thirty (30) days of completion. Project cost estimates may be revised based on inspection findings.

11. The rebate amount will be calculated by the Water Authority at a final review one year (12 monthly billing cycles) after the project completion date.

12. Upon calculation of the rebate, a one-time credit will be adjusted to the customer account within two billing cycles.

13. The Water Authority reserves the right to conduct inspections and monitor water usage over the lifetime of the project.

14. The project must be sustained for a minimum of five years, or transfer of property title, whichever comes first. In the event the equipment requires replacement before the five-year requirement, it must be replaced with equipment of equal or greater water efficiency.

15. Rebate amounts are subject to change without prior notice and are based upon the availability of funds.

16. The Water Authority reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion and any time, to change any or all the Terms and Conditions of the program or to cancel the program.

17. If the customer wishes to install or implement water-saving devices or equipment as part of the CPR project for which there is an existing rebate program, they may do so. However, if they choose to apply for and receive rebates upon the installation of such items, those rebate amounts will be deducted from the final CPR payout and the cost of such items will not count towards the CPR project cost. If the customer does not collect a rebate for an item installed, it will not be deducted from the CPR and the cost of that item will be included in the project cost. In either case, the CPR project start, and end times will incorporate all water saving installations whether or not they are part of another rebate program.


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