Efficient irrigation saves water. The following rebates help you be more efficient with your outdoor water usage and reduce water waste.

Commercial Irrigation Efficiency Rebates

When designing irrigation systems group plants by their water needs.

Plants such as vegetable gardens, fruit trees or turf will need water more often in the summer. These should be grouped separately than our lower water users like our desert natives.

Most plants should be watered with drip irrigation equipment. These systems apply water only where plant roots can access it, and only as often and deeply as plants require.

If you are watering a lawn, choose high efficiency sprinkler nozzles as listed below.


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Smart Controller

Earn rebates of 25% up to $500 including purchase and professional installation.

WaterSense Smart Irrigation Controller

A WaterSense labeled controller automatically, or manually, reduces watering times or the number of days when the system goes on so that less water is delivered to the plants, during the cooler months or when it has rained recently. As outdoor temperatures increase, or rainfall decreases, WaterSense labeled controllers increase irrigation systems’ watering run times or schedule to compensate for the fluctuation. Some of these controllers are equipped with Smartphone-friendly irrigation technology to allow the user to set watering times remotely. Replacing a standard irrigation timer with a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller can save up to 30% in outdoor watering. Customers can choose from a list of pre-qualified controllers here. The online application will allow the you to choose from a scroll down list of the item you purchase.


Flow Sensor
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Earn rebates of 25% up to $500 including purchase and professional installation.

Smart Water Application Technology Flow Sensor

Irrigation flow sensors measure the speed at which water is flowing through an irrigation system and sends that information to the Smart Irrigation Controller. This is helpful in detecting issues and conserving water. For example, if water is flowing at an unusually high rate (a line break or broken sprinkler), a flow sensor works in conjunction with the controller to take corrective action. Such action could include stopping the water flow or sending an alert message to your phone. Additionally, some flow sensors can quantify how much water is used in a landscape, making it easier to have a landscape water budget.  

drip irrigation design guide
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Earn rebates of 25% up to $500 including purchase and professional installation.

Smart Water Application Technology Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulation devices increase the efficiency and performance of your sprinkler and drip system by reducing the water pressure to a set, optimal rate. This is important to improve water distribution uniformity and avoid underwatering or overwatering. The three most common pressure regulating devices are pressure reducing valves, flow control valves and pressure sustaining valves. 

Spray Body

Get $4.00 off each sprinkler body you purchase (no limit).

WaterSense Pressure Regulating Spray Sprinkler Bodies

These devices provide pressure regulation at each individual spray head. The sprinkler body is the exterior shell that connects to the irrigation system piping and houses that spray nozzle that applies water on the landscape. WaterSense labeled spray sprinkler bodies with internal pressure regulation can reduce water waste by providing a consistent flow at the sprinkler nozzle. When the sprinkler body maintains pressure near its optimal operating pressure, the connected nozzle is better able to generate the right amount of water spray and coverage for more uniform distribution of water across the landscape. Customers can choose from a list of pre-qualified spray sprinkler bodies. The online application will allow the you to choose from a scroll down list of the item you purchase.  

Rotary Nozzle
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Get $2.00 off each nozzle you purchase (no limit).

High Efficiency Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles (multi-stream)

We’d like to encourage you to change your existing spray heads to High Efficiency sprinkler nozzles. These nozzles minimize water waste, they feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams that deliver water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb. Use these nozzles to replace the sprinkler head on any conventional spray head body or pop up sprinkler for water savings of up to 30%.

High efficiency sprinkler nozzles are a great solution for upgrading an old and poorly performing sprinkler system. In most cases, you just remove the old, water wasting spray nozzle and replace it with the new head. You don’t even have to take the main sprinkler body out of the ground. For more information on these nozzles check out this post. 




The Water Authority is pleased to provide an online application for rebates.

Once you have registered and submitted your online application, you will be able to conveniently track your rebate.

You will need the property address and Water Authority account number as printed on the bill.

Rebate Requirements


1. Applicants are required to be a Water Authority customer.

2. The rebate is credited within one to two billing cycles after the application is processed.

3. Rebate application and receipt must be completed within ninety (90) days of the purchase or service date to be honored. For Xeriscape rebates, see section on xeriscape requirements.

4. Customers are required to submit proof of purchase with the rebate form. If documentation proving purchase is not received or the rebate form is incomplete, it delays processing and all documentation is returned to the customer.

5. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase, installation arrangements, and payments.

6. If selected for an audit, the customer agrees to allow qualified Water Authority personnel access to the premises to verify installation.

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