Shrubs are a mainstay of Desert Friendly landscape gardens. Rooting deeply, they often require less water per square foot of the space they cover than other plants. They shade the soil, and some have colorful flowers, foliage and fruit. Native shrubs also provide layers of cover as well as nectar and seeds that make habitat for birds and butterflies.

What kind of Shrubs should i choose?

Shrubs can become the walls of the garden, creating smaller outdoor rooms within the larger landscape, screening utility areas that you need but would rather not look at most of the time.

Shrubs provide wind protection and many have aromatic leaves and scented flowers that perfume the air around them.

The many shrubs in the plant list marked as “Rainwater Only,” “Low”+ and Low under the water heading should be watered weekly the first summer after they are planted, every two weeks in autumn and spring, and monthly or less in winter. As you water less often, water more deeply so that the moisture penetrates three feet into the soil. After a year or two, water twice a month in summer as well as in spring and autumn, and after three or more years you may be able to water once a month year-round.

Deciduous Shrubs

Shrubs that shed their leaves annually in the Fall.

Evergreen Shrubs

Shrubs that remain green all year long.

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