Your resource for beautiful, desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes

current Watering Recommendations


Irrigation Advice

Landscapes need about 30 percent less water this time of the year than what they used in the summer. The days may still be warm, but shorter days and cooler nights in the months of September, October and November means less evaporation, which means plants retain their moisture for a longer period.

Watering Method

How Long?

Drip (desert friendly plants and trees)

W45-60 Minutes per time

Sprinkler Spray (turgrass)

7-10 minutes per time.

Sprinkler efficient rotating nozzles (turfgrass)

20-25 minutes per time
Hose Watering (trees and shrubs)

1-2 hours per time


Current Restrictions

Avoid overspray and overflow- fines double during Drought Watch.

Water by the Seasons - Summer
*Use these guidelines for established plants (1 year for shrubs and 3 years for trees).*Watering frequency depends on season, plant type, weather and soil texture. Water to beyond the outer edge of the plant’s canopy and to the depth indicated.*If we receive more than a half inch of rain or more than 6″ of snow, skip your next watering day or irrigation cycle. Avoid watering during freezing temperatures. Winter watering should happen during the warmest part of the day.*Depending on temperatures and rainfall, treat May and September like Summer months. *Refer to the ABCWUA Xeriscaping Guide for plant water use information.

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