Many homeowners are interested in planting in raised beds. It can be great for homeowners who worry about their soil. Planting in raised beds allows you to add the exact soil you want. Another popular reason is the interesting visual element the raised bed will provide in your yard. A few other tips about planting in raised beds are listed below.

  1. Planting desert accents, like agave and prickly pear, in raised beds gives them the good drainage they prefer. It allows leaf litter from nearby plants to collect at the base of the bed instead of between the prickly leaves and stems making it much easier to maintain.
  2. When planting in raised beds always remember to include at least 3″ of an organic mulch. Organic mulches help to retain moisture around plant materials. This prevents water waste.
  3. Don’t forget to plan out your irrigation system prior to installing your raised bed. You may find you’ll need to plan in some openings to bring the irrigation up into the bed.
  4. We recommend installing drip irrigation for raised beds. It will provide just the right amount of water to your plants and decrease the likelihood of over watering your garden.