Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Your resource for beautiful desert friendly landscapes


Low-maintenance landscapes are great, but there’s no such thing as a “no-maintenance” irrigation system. A single broken sprinkler head flowing at 15 gallons per minute will waste 900 gallons in one hour of use. So service your system regularly, and check it often for leaks and malfunctions.


Adjust your irrigation time by season! For turf, water by the Numbers: One day per week in March, two days per week in April and May, three days per week in summer, and ramp down in the fall. For other landscapes, follow the watering recommendations.


Choose desert-friendly plants that thrive in our dry climate. There are literally hundreds of plant options to choose from, and rebates are available for replacing turf with a desert-friendly landscape.

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August 2019 Watering Recommendations

Watering Recommendations

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Plant of the Month

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AAmong the most iconic and showy of autumn wildflowers, Goldenrod is native to many parts of North America, from deserts to mountains to prairies.

What are high efficiency rotary nozzles and why should you use them for your lawn?

Did you know that water waste from conventional spray nozzles can be reduced up to 30% by simply swapping each nozzle out for a high efficiency rotary one? And only a few dollars per head!

Plants for Fall Color

Local plant expert Judith Phillips shares her top four plants for Fall color.

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