Exposure: Sun/shade

Water: Medium

Height and Spread:12-18” x 15-18”

Blooming Season: Late Summer – Fall

Flower Color: Gold

Region: All parts of the Greater Albuquerque area

Among the most iconic and showy of autumn wildflowers, Goldenrod is native to many parts of North America, from deserts to mountains to prairies. The flowers hang gracefully from stems. Although Goldenrod is frequently mistaken as an allergen, its heavy pollen is in fact carried by birds and insects, not the wind. (Wind born pollen from plants like grasses are much more likely to annoy our sinuses). Long-lived with deep roots, Goldenrod provides vital sources of pollen and nectar for bees and other beneficial insects.

Cultivars for small garden settings include ‘Golden Baby’ – a clump-forming hybrid. This cultivar is best planted in groups to get extended color, since individual plants bloom for a short time. A good rain garden plant with bright green leaves that contrast nicely with silver and soft green desert plants. Water every two weeks in summer to keep it happy.

Since this is a late bloomer, situate it near plants with contrasting fall foliage, such as Western Sand Cherry. Removing spent flowers will encourage a longer bloom. Surprisingly good as a cut flower – try it in a fall bouquet!