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Are you struggling with what to do in your yard?

Then this resource is for you. 505 Outside is an online resource for everything landscaping in the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area. 505 Outside covers topics on efficient landscaping practices, maintenance, irrigation, and seasonal tips.

Water Smart Tips

Get started saving water today with these simple water smart tips for the outdoors.


The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority offers generous rebates and incentives to help make your landscapes more water efficient, while saving money on your water bill.


There is an amazing diversity of beautiful desert friendly plants that we can use in our landscapes. Browse some of our favorites!

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Wes Brittenham

Jill Brown

Tyson Hafler

Plant Selection of the Month

Purpleleaf Wintercreeper, Euonymus fortunei Coloratus

A great winter groundcover that is ideal for smothering out weeds.

Help, my trees need pruning.

The winter is the best time to prune trees because they are dormant and it’s easier to identify which branches need trimming. See how an arborist can help you check this task off your list with ease.

Have trouble identifying plants? We've got an app for that. 

Have you ever wished you could take a picture of a plant and have the internet identify it for you? Then keep reading.

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