As irrigation season ramps up, we sat down with the Water Authority’s irrigation specialist to ask a few questions about the utility’s new FREE Efficient Irrigation Consultations.

Why is the Water Authority offering this service?

  • In ABQ, 40% of our drinking water is used on landscapes.
    • Improperly maintained irrigation systems often apply twice the water the plants need in order to compensate for system inefficiencies.
    • Often, relatively simple maintenance or scheduling changes have a big impact on how much water our irrigation systems use to water plants.
    • It’s often difficult for someone not trained in this field to detect irrigation problems, since the systems usually run at night and most components are hidden.
    • Empowering you to better understand your landscape and irrigation systems will help all of us steward our valuable water resources.

How does a typical consultation go?

  • A trained specialist will:
    • Arrive at your home at the scheduled time to review your landscape goals and plant material.
    • Check your irrigation system’s performance and controller settings.
    • Create customized recommendations for irrigation settings to help you save money and water.
    • Review rebates that are available through the Water Authority that could benefit you and your landscape.

Why should I sign up for a FREE Efficient Irrigation Consultation?

  • You’ll be supporting water efficiency goals in Albuquerque. Be a steward of water conservation.
    • Save money and water.
    • It’s free.
    • Learn something about your landscape and your watering systems.

How do I request this service?

  • Call 505-289-3003

Visit our Irrigation Efficiency Rebate page to see all our rebates.