It’s officially winter and cold weather will be here for a while. January’s service tip is to take a moment to inspect the trees on your property to see how they are doing.

Walk outside and take a good look at your tree, starting with where the tree enters the ground. Your looking to see that the tree trunk flare out as it goes into the ground. This is called a root collar.

If your tree goes straight into the ground, it’s most likely planted too deep. You’ll want to remove the dirt around the tree until you can see the flare of the root collar.

Next, look up into your tree and check for a main central leader on your tree. Now notice the spacing between the branches. Each branch should have its own space. If your tree looks like it doesn’t have the above characteristics, then it’s probably time to call in an arborist for advice.


This winter continues to bring much needed precipitation to meet the needs of your landscape, no need to water this month.