Smart technology has become popular at homes and businesses because it makes some aspects of daily life easier and more efficient. WaterSense Smart Irrigation Controllers are the Water Authority conservation group’s favorite smart technology.

These types of controllers adjust landscape irrigation schedules using weather data, plant type, soil type and other important factors to help you follow the seasonal watering recommendations.

Pro tip: “One of the advantages of Smart Controllers is that they help the user make good watering decisions during the set up process to ensure a healthy landscape throughout the year,” says Ken Schwartz, branch manager for Neumark Irrigation Supply.

Installing a WaterSense-labeled controller provides the following benefits:

  • A healthy, beautiful landscape: WaterSense-labeled controllers help landscapes flourish and remain healthy by providing the right amount of water for each plant zone. Underwatered or overwatered landscapes can be unhealthy and unattractive.
  • Water quality protection:  These irrigation controllers reduce water runoff from the landscape, helping to keep local water bodies clean and healthy while avoiding water waste.
  • Savings of both water and money:  WaterSense-labeled controllers help eliminate overwatering, so they may lower water-use expenses and conserve water
  • Convenience: Properly programmed WaterSense-labeled controllers save end-users the time required to continuously monitor and adjust irrigation schedules in response to changing weather.  

Many of these controllers are compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to allow the user to interact with their irrigation system remotely. The Irrigation Association has assembled a list of smartphone-friendly irrigation controllers. You can find many of these controllers at your local irrigation supply store.

The Water Authority offers residential rebates of 25% up to $100, and commercial rebates of 25% up to $500, for WaterSense Smart Controllers. The rebate can be used for both purchase of the controller and the cost of professional installation. Before purchasing your new controller, make sure to visit the list of qualified WaterSense controllers located in the rebate section.

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Look for the WaterSense logo when purchasing your new controller.
Author: Carlos A. Bustos, Water Conservation Program Manager with the Water Resources Division for the Water Authority. Pro tip by  Have a question about the article?