Pressure regulators are another essential technology for improving the efficiency of your irrigation system. They are an integral part of keeping your system running in peak condition. Pressure regulators come in two basic styles: inline or valve fitted. An inline regulator attaches within the piping on a lateral line and is most used with drip irrigation. A pressure-regulated valve fitting is used more often with turf irrigation where the pressure is high.

These fittings can either reduce pressure or provide sustained pressure. Valve fittings are brand specific, so we suggest visiting a local irrigation supplier to see if they are available for your brand of valve. Pressure regulators provide the following benefits:

  • Avoid underwatering or overwatering by maintaining a set, optimal pressure.
  • For lawn irrigation, they reduce misting and excessive evaporation.
  • With a drip system, they help keep the emitters’ water output accurate and keep them from “blowing” or “popping” off the drip line due to excessive pressure.

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Pro Tip: Jim from Site One irrigation supply store in Albuquerque says, “An inline pressure regulator is a must in any irrigation installation in Albuquerque. They reduce the chance of blowing out your drip emitters and even out the water delivery.”

Pressure Regulator
Pressure Regulator
Photography courtesy of Hunter Industries
Author: Richard Perce, Irrigation Efficiency Specialist with the Water Resources Division for the Water Authority. Pro tip: Site One Irrigation. Have a question about the article?