Irrigation systems have grown more efficient by leaps and bounds in recent years to maximize water savings. Now, many systems can even communicate with you via your smart phone or computer. There are some tried and true, if under-used, pieces of equipment you can add to your system that are inexpensive, easy to install and don’t require a ton of technical know-how. And the Water Authority is offering a rebate on them!

Flow sensors are inexpensive gadgets that  can alert you of a broken line or a broken head in your turf. Flow sensors on main or lateral lines can be set up to “learn” what the normal flow for each zone is. The sensors then monitor the flow, and if there is a change in flow outside of the norm (either low or high), they will shut down the water line with the issue. A flow sensor provides the following benefits:

  • Some flow sensors can record and transmit how many gallons you use each time you water.
  • Flow sensors can save you hundreds or thousands of gallons of water by either shutting down a malfunctioning system, or warning you of one, or both.

Visit your local irrigation house to see which model and brand are compatible with your system and earn rebates of 25% up to $100 including purchase and professional installation. Learn more at irrigation efficiency rebates.

Pro Tip: “Flow sensors are great for all commercial installations and for savvy homeowners who want to know how much water their system puts out. The key is to not mix brands. Instead match the brand of your controller with the brand of your flow sensor. ” says Loren Dunlap of Sierra Irrigation, local supply store in Albuquerque.

Flow sensor photo courtesy of Hunter Industries
Author: Richard Perce, Irrigation Efficiency Specialist with the Water Resources Division for the Water Authority. Pro tip: Sierra Irrigation. Have a question about the article?