You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to sprinkler bodies, those plastic devices that house the sprinkler’s spray nozzle. Well, not until one breaks and your yard suddenly looks like the fountain at the Bellagio. But selecting the right sprinkler body can have a big impact on your water bill. Just look for the WaterSense label!

WaterSense-labeled sprinkler bodies, certified by the EPA, are designed to help regulate the water pressure that reaches the nozzle, ensuring efficient watering and aiding in conservation.

Landscape irrigation systems are often installed so the pressure is higher than what is recommended for the nozzles. This can lead to excessive flow rates, misting, fogging, and uneven coverage. Uneven coverage could flood one section of your lawn while you still have dry spots in another area. WaterSense labeled spray sprinkler bodies with integral pressure regulation can reduce water waste by:

  • Providing a constant flow at the sprinkler nozzle
  • Generating the right amount of water spray
  • Creating optimal coverage and uniform distribution
  • Reducing misting and fogging

The Water Authority now offers a rebate for listed WaterSense pressure regulating spray sprinkler bodies. Check with your local irrigation supplier to make sure you match your spray nozzle with the appropriate WaterSense pressure regulating sprinkler body and take advantage of the rebate. Get $4.00 off each sprinkler body you purchase (no limit per year).

Visit our rebates page to apply for your rebate today.

Pro Tip:

Leilani Cochran of Just Sprinklers says, “Too much pressure blowing through the heads can cause a mist that evaporates in our dry air. The pressure regulating spray bodies eliminate this mist, so the head operates at the optimum capacity.”

Author: Richard Perce, irrigation efficiency specialist with the Water Resources Division for the Water Authority. Pro tip: Just Sprinklers. Have a question about the article?