Type: Shrub, Flowering Plant

Exposure: Sun/Shade

Water Use: Low

Mature Size: 8” H x 2’ W, varies depending on species

Catmint has become a cornerstone of many xeriscapes because of its hardiness and long bloom period. The first flush of blue flowers comes in late spring. When deadheaded promptly, a second flush blooms in late summer. Out of flower, the neat mound of gray-green foliage has a pleasing fragrance and texture. Adaptable to any well-drained soil, catmint can handle a range of light from full sun to light shade. Trim back in late winter for prolific blooms the following spring. Pollinators enjoy this plant along with house cats as this plant is similar to catnip. Walker’s Low is a great variety if you are looking for a more compact catmint. Six Hills Giant is one of the tallest catmint varieties with long lasting blooms.