The Water Authority offers several rebates for irrigation efficiency equipment that might help you reduce water use your yard. You also can contact a Water Authority irrigation specialist at for a consultation or efficient irrigation advice. Find more information about the rebates here.

WaterSense Smart Irrigation Controller: A WaterSense-labeled controller reduces watering times or the number of days when the system goes on so that less water is delivered to plants during the cooler months or when it has rained recently. Receive a rebate of 25% of purchase and professional installation costs, up to $100. Choose from a list of pre-qualified controllers here.

Smart Water Application Technology Flow Sensor: Meant to be used in conjunction with a smart controller, irrigation flow sensors measure the speed at which water is flowing through an irrigation system and then send that information to the smart controller. This helps detect problems and conserve water. For example, if water is flowing at an unusually high rate (such as from a line break or broken sprinkler), a flow sensor works in conjunction with the controller to take corrective action. Receive a rebate of 25% of purchase and professional installation costs, up to $100.

Pressure Regulator

Smart Water Application Technology Pressure Regulators: Pressure regulation devices increase the efficiency and performance of your sprinkler and drip system by reducing the water pressure to a set, optimal rate. This is important to improve water distribution uniformity and avoid underwatering or overwatering. Receive a rebate of 25% of purchase and professional installation costs, up to $100.

WaterSense Pressure Regulating Spray Sprinkler Bodies: These devices provide pressure regulation at each individual spray head and can reduce water waste by providing a consistent flow at the sprinkler nozzle. Get $4 off each sprinkler body you purchase (no limit).


High Efficiency Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles (multi-stream): Use these nozzles to replace the sprinkler head on any conventional spray head body or pop-up sprinkler for water savings of up to 30%. High efficiency sprinkler nozzles are a great solution for upgrading an old and poorly performing system. In most cases, you just remove the old, water wasting spray nozzle and replace it with the new head. You don’t even have to take the main sprinkler body out of the ground. For more information on these nozzles check out this post.  Get $2 off each nozzle you purchase (no limit).

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